About Aqueduto-Education and Language Development

Leaders from  initiatives based communities, and businesses come together with counselors, educators, prevention specialists, family-serving professionals, parents, health-care professionals, and all those who are working in the field of, and care about, the well-being of youth. All participants will definitely benefit from being part of this important conference.

The Conference is designed for all those who are working with and/or are caring about youth, and it is bringing together people of various backgrounds, and from multiple international locations, who are sharing the common goal of working together to establish healthy environments and communities where children and youth can work on their future through asset building.

The Conference is a unique inter-generational event that attracts over 1,500 professionals and youth and adults who are eager to learn from this meeting, to connect or renew professional ties, and become properly equipped to turn into community change leaders and asset champions.

During the Search Youth Conference, participants will learn from and with other asset builders, set up connections that will be beneficial in their personal and professional life, and reengage their enthusiasm for asset building through a lot of hard work and having fun!

Everything is related to the 40 Developmental Assets, which are the fundamentals of positive and stimulating youth development, and the Conference will provide a lot of opportunities for professionals, educators, adults, and youth, to learn all about playing their leadership roles as hosts, planners, speakers, mentors, and/or facilitators to their colleague Conference participants.

All participants will get back to their communities and local organizations full of knowledge, motivation, and the tools for making a difference in the young lives of so many neighbors, colleagues, peers, and youth throughout their communities.

The theme of this year’s conference is: Igniting Sparks: Connect to Hope, and this theme is centered on the idea that all of us embody a spark to give us the ability and energy to persevere. An crucial element of our great work is that we must learn to ignite this spark in other people.

The newest work of Peter Benson on thriving is revealing that young individuals who appear to be thriving may well be described as follows: ‘They seem to have a spark in their young lives, a sort of passion to build an interest or skill’. His latest book is titled ‘Sparks: How Parents Can Ignite The Hidden Strengths of Teenagers‘ and this book focuses on the ways that adults can recognize and help develop these ‘sparks’ in young people to intentionally build assets.

Peter Benson is framing the concept of getting a ‘spark’ as a phenomenon that is entailing an action that can potentially contribute to the benefit of not only the person, but society in general as well. When adults and youth are able to identify these sparks, they can easily be connecting with their innate creativity and gifts, and for sure will their efforts result in renewed hope.

You can find quite a few attributes or definitions of hope, but they all have one thing in common: they all are helping us, through our work with young people and adults, to create a positive environment for youth, and develop healthy children, and let’s not forget that in many instances, hope mat come out of a great loss or a deep crisis.

No matter what the stimulus, be it a crisis within our community or the fantastic feeling when a project is  with a successful, hope will bring us a lot of new energy that will keep us focused towards a better future. All committed individuals and professionals, all adults and youth from organizations and communities that are interested or involved in a positive and healthy development of our youth, can sign up for the Healthy Youth Conference and participate in this great annual ‘Search Conference’.