Consider Teaching

The teaching profession has undergone many challenges over the years with school systems adapting to a change in culture and technology but overall becoming a teacher is still a rewarding career choice for many reasons.


Every student is a potentially successful person. Those teachers who have the ability to look past a child’s flaws and see a future leader can influence not only that child but also society. A good teacher not only has this second sight but also the ability to bring these qualities out in a child and make a profound difference in that child’s life.


It is no secret that teaching helps teachers learn more. Teaching requires a vast amount of research and studies on a daily basis to complete classroom activities, therefore teachers become widely read and a source of good and reliable information about most subjects. If someone loves learning then the natural outlet for that love is to teach.

Job Satisfaction

A true teacher’s greatest pleasure is watching children grow in knowledge. In this profession a teacher can experience that on a daily basis and therefore receive the satisfaction of fulfilling their personal “calling” besides this there are other perks as well. For families with small children, having a job in which the hours are the same as the children’s school is a plus. Not to mention summer vacations that the parent/teacher can enjoy with children and activities like visiting the museum. Becoming a teacher also offers steady and respectable employment. Teachers are most often guaranteed work and a stable income which is priceless in the midst of troubled economic times and also when, like now, the economy is on an upswing.

The Key

Education is the key to everything in life. With the right education, anything is possible. Literally, the sky is the limit, and for the would-be astronaut, the sky and beyond is the aim.

But it has to be the right kind of education, and with the changes in technology going on at the moment the educators need all the help they can get just to keep up with the latest developments in the field of education. See also this post: Introduction to Language Development.

Today, it’s not unusual to see students in class using either their smartphones and electronic tablets in class, time was when even calculators were banned from the class because the authorities thought their use would mean that the students wouldn’t learn the theory behind the calculations.

Today the average students, be they Grammar school, or junior high gets exposed to a digital age where they will have to be as computer literate as their parents were “book” literate. This meant that the educators have had to develop a whole range of teaching supplies that were never even thought of years ago.

Out went the traditional notebook, pen and pencil (though not totally) and in comes the new notebook with a couple of hundred gigabytes of memory and internet connections.

The classroom doesn’t need to be in a physical location anymore, it can be wherever a computer can be hooked up to the internet, even the middle of a field, lessons have even been taught from space. The possibilities are literally limitless,

The students of today are aiming for the stars, and with the new technology and aid,  they’ll get there.

It Should Be No Reach to Teach

The question of teachers’ pay grade is one that’s always been contentious and always been relevant. At the same time as people continue to pay sports players and professional actors breathtaking salaries to do their work of entertaining the public, most teachers get paid poorly. Teachers arguably have one of the most important roles in shaping the country, in so far as they shape its residents, a role outranked only by the parents. Yet teachers receive little material reward for their effort.

Indeed, it’s hard to make any kind of decent living being a teacher in most places around the country, which has serious consequences because it chases away those who otherwise might be drawn to teach, especially in the public schools. It’s easy to despair at the quality of the public education system in the country, yet if the teachers’ salaries were more on par with those of other movers and shakers in society – the politicians, the financiers, the lawyers, the entertainers – then more people would want to be teachers and those who already are would be more motivated to excel.

As the ever-present debates over how to measure classroom accomplishment have shown, it’s not easy to assess a teacher’s quality. What makes a “good” teacher over a “bad” one? Could not a “bad” teacher for one sort of student be “good” for another? These are challenging philosophical questions and are not to be answered easily. Society must wrestle with and answer them if it is to justify paying teachers real money, but it’s only through